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​​The Comercial Structure Protection Plan is our preventative pest control program specially designed on a case by case basis for each commercial environment. 

We are committed to keeping your operation pest free at a great value without interrupting your daily operations. You aren't going to be able to meet your goals if you have to shut down in order to have pest control services done. So we have researched, tested and developed treatment programs that allow you to continue doing business while we take care of the pests.
We work behind the scenes.  We aim not to be noticed by your customers.  Our trucks and pest professionals are low-key.  No yellow trucks with huge bugs or vermin on them. This will ensure that your operation will maintain its good name.

  1. Earth Care
    Earth Care
    As a licensed pesticide application company, we are on the front lines of guarding the beautiful environment that we enjoy in the Seattle area. Our exterminators are trained to provide services under the Integrated Pest Management guidelines. These guidelines demand that inspection, prevention, sanitation and environmental changes be considered before pesticides are used.
  2. Guarantee
    When you hire Dominion, any service you purchase is offered with some level of guarantee. In most cases, you choose your guarantee level at the time whenyou give us the pleasure of serving you. We are here to help, even if your problem is more difficult than the "another day at the office" infestations that we solve. We always stand behind our work.
  3. Customer Care
    Customer Care
    We are in the business of helping people. We do our best everyday to stay educated and connected with our customers. As of February, 2018, we are maintaining a 4.8 out of 5 stars on our daily customer feedback request. We are proud servants of the Seattle area's people protecting health and property from pests. We would love to serve you!
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