Carpenter Ant 
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Our Guaranteed Carpenter Ant Control & Removal Process
  1. Inspection
    Inspecting your property and identifying the ant species is the first step in removing the ants from your structure.
  2. Prevention
    Just because you've ridded yourself of your and problem, carpenter ants can and do come back. With no shortage of carpenter ants in the area, we make sure this never happens again by maintaining a barrier treatment around the outside of the structure.
  3. Treatment
    Dominion's pest control experts are provide the most child and pet friendly treatment methods available on the market today. Our pro's are experienced in protecting your property, family, employees and customers when dealing with carpenter ant issues.

Choose Your Guarantee

30 Day Guarantee

  1. Remove Infestation
    All 30 days services will remove the initial infestation.
  2. Free Follow Ups
    Contact us anytime for free follow up services during the guarantee term.

One Year Protection Plan

  1. $100 Initial Discount
    Receive a $100 discount off of your initial service for most services.
  2. Free Follow Ups
    Contact us anytime for free follow up services while your service is active.
  3. Continuous Protection
    Continuous Guarantee against Rodents, Ants, Spiders, Wasps, Bees, Hornets and Common Pests in your area
  4. Service On Demand
    On Demand access to an exterminator antime you need one for covered pests
  5. Pest Free Guarantee
    We guarantee that you will not have any covered pests while your service is active. If you do, call for warranty service free of charge!
  6. Remove Infestation
    All Protection Plan Services include removal of the initial infestation.
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