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Our Guaranteed Mole Removal & Pest Control Process
  1. Inspection
    To remove troublesome moles and prevent more from coming, your Dominion pest control pro will first make an assessment of the property to decide the best technique for removing moles.
  2. Prevention
    Once the initial population is under control, we can move to prevention. At Dominion Pest Control, we offer monthly mole prevention service.
  3. Removal
    We have discovered that 95%+ of the mole's food intake is grub and earthworms. Studies on their burrowing patterns have been done helping us to understand how to apply our baits and repellents. These revelations and others have enabled us to design a treatment that exterminates existing moles and prevents other Moles from moving in while repellents are active. Give us a call to schedule your mole pest removal service today!

Choose Your Guarantee

30 Day Guarantee

  1. Remove Infestation
    All 30 days services will remove the initial infestation.
  2. Free Follow Ups
    Contact us anytime for free follow up services during the guarantee term.

Continuous Protection Plan

  1. Free Follow Ups
    Contact us anytime for free follow up services while your service is active.
  2. Continuous Protection
    Continuous Guarantee against mole activity with monthly recurring service.
  3. Remove Infestation
    All Protection Plan Services include removal of the initial infestation.